Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers via Social Media Today

Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers via Social Media Today

Scott Levy - Posted August 16, 2012 - SocialMediaToday

1. Don’t Spam or Sell

Do you follow, seek out or listen to spam, hard sells or snake oil? Neither does anyone else.  Don’t do it, it’s a huge turn off to the masses and not only will you not gain followers you stand a good chance of losing your current followers as well

2.  Be a Resource

One of the best ways to gain new followers & keep your existing ones is to be a resource! Social Media has become one of the largest fastest growing ways for people to get news & info on their fav or most interested in topics.  The more of a resource you are the more likely people are going to be t follow you.  Share News, Tips, Advice, Answer Questions etc.  Bottom line add value & you will grow your follower base

3. Engage

It’s really simple.  Take the phrase Social Media, the first word is Social right?  So be social!  Engage with people if they tweet you and it’s not spam, but a comment, observation, question etc.  When you reply to or have conversations with people they are twice as likely to follow you.  It’s such an easy concept and makes the most sense.

4. Be Active

The more active you are with quality content, conversations,  and engagement the more likely you will show up in searches or be seen by others followers who have Retweeted you or had a conversation with you.  I can’t tell you how many people have tweeted me saying they saw so and so speaking with me and they are so glad they found me or they took a look and found my tweets inspiring etc.

5. Be Personal

Don’t be afraid to be transparent & personal.  This applies to everyone from individuals, people building a brand out of themselves or even Fortune 500 companies.  The more real you are, the more transparent you are, the more people can identify & connect with you.  Technical info, advertising, promotions, etc get boring and are cold.  When someone or a brand shares something cool and private with you, people tend to feel special and closer to the person or brand. Examples might be what you did that day, or your fav places to eat, or a picture of your new office or pet.

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