work with Expio

work with Expio

Want to work with Expio? Here’s what to expect!

Thinking about working with the team of experts at Expio Digital Marketing? Here’s a quick guide to how we treat our extended family members (IE: our clients).

Regular Communications

We will never leave you guessing about what we’re doing for your company. With regular emails, weekly report highlights and monthly Zoom calls, you can be confident that the Expio team is actively working toward your company’s goals.


Once we understand your company’s goals and needs, the Expio team will meet with you monthly to discuss an in-depth and fully customizable report. Expio reports can cover conversion tracking, user journey, organic search traffic, exit pages, ad performance, and even how your competitors are stacking up against you. Our team will never leave you in the dark, guessing whether or not progress is being made. We want you to fully understand the work we are doing for you.


Expio Digital Marketing has results we can stand behind. We have a history of implementing effective strategies that get companies where they want to be. In fact, we have the case studies to prove it!

Family Atmosphere

We take the time to build meaningful relationships with our clients. We want to fully understand your needs and earn your trust, so you can be confident in the work we are doing. Our dedicated staff is here to help you achieve your business dreams.

Core Values

No BS: Expio is about being honest and transparent. We don’t play games, use deceptive metrics or work with anyone we don’t trust. We value facts and reality. This is not only the right thing to do, it’s also the smartest thing to do in order to make improvements.

No A-holes: We value strong team and client respect, trust, professionalism and momentum. We take responsibility for the good and bad in the relationship while encouraging, fostering, educating and leading by example. Team members, clients and vendors who are demeaning or untrustworthy are let go.

No ASAP: We’ve learned from experience that “ASAP” is a toxic term that invokes anxiety and interrupted workflows. We value speed and responsiveness accompanied by excellent planning, organization and communication. We do not burden others unnecessarily with “emergency” time constraints without first giving them the benefit of an explanation.

Expio’s core values are the driving force behind all that we do. We believe these values are important in cultivating a relationship built on trust and respect. We won’t cut any corners, and we will always be transparent about every move along the way.