How Panhandle OBGYN Has Increased Awareness and Brand Culture

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“Expio has been a lifesaver. Very nice people to work with.” – Ann Curl, Office Manager, Panhandle OBGYN


  • Increase unique visits to the contact page
  • Increase Social Media engagement
  • Increase Video Views


  • Inspire, collect and share patient stories
  • Provide patient information, medical advice and office procedures
  • Recognize staff via activity using moments like awareness holidays, birthdays, special accomplishments, causes, community activities, etc.


  • More than 100% increase in Contact page unique visits from 2018 vs. 2016
  • Ranking #1 average position for keyword “amarillo obgyn”
  • The Facebook page has grown from 2500 likes to 3300 likes over the past 24 months.
  • Video views have increased in 2018 vs 2017


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