How Vending Nut Company Increased Organic Search Traffic by 139% and Tripled Impressions


Vending Nut Company came to Expio Digital Marketing for help increasing organic site traffic as well as increasing search visibility with the ultimate goal of increasing website sales. We were able to achieve these goals for Vending Nut through various white-hat SEO tactics. 



  • Increase Organic Site Traffic
  • Increase Search Visibility 
  • Increase Website Sales 


  • Optimized metadata titles and descriptions to target related key phrases
  • Create meaningful, yet factual FAQ pages around keywords specific to the Dallas Fort Worth area
  • Researched keywords from competitors and pulled new keywords to increase rankings while continuing to challenge competitors


  • Organic search traffic increased by 139% 
  • Impressions from Google Searches tripled

These numbers show that SEO efforts have increased the number of organic searches in the past year, because of the variety of SEO tactics we used. These results show that the  FAQ pages based on non-branded, Dallas Fort Worth area related keywords that Expio created allowed Vending Nut to become a trusted source on the topic, while linking to their own products which ultimately led to impressions on their site. 


Vending Nut Company is a family owned and operated business that provides the highest-quality nuts available, packaged and presented with uncompromising effort. Vending Nut Company roasts all of its nuts on site to provide the ultimate in freshness in its retail store and wholesale products. 

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