Character Composite: One Way We Stay Consistently Creative and Accurate With Brand Posts

Character Composite: One Way We Stay Consistently Creative and Accurate With Brand Posts

[author][line][column type=”one-third” fade_animation=”in” fade_animation_offset=”45px”][blockquote type=”left”]One way to break through and get creative as a brand content publisher is to identify, memorize and script as the brand’s ideal character.[/blockquote][/column][column type=”two-thirds” last=”true” fade_animation=”in” fade_animation_offset=”45px”]Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have made being a brand more like being a helpful friend. Everyday, successful social media-driven companies are posting useful, enjoyable and informative content for their audiences. It’s an everyday kind of thing.

And if you find yourself struggling to get creative after months of pushing out content, you’re not alone.

We’ve created a useful practice for generating great content on a daily basis. It’s called “Character Composite”. It’s the way we act out the character and personality of the companies we represent.

Basically, we draw out the best descriptors of the brand we’re representing online (we use glass tabletops hung on our office wall, but whiteboards or chalkboards are great too!). Then, once we’ve put those things up, we step back and decide what it all looks like when put together. What kind of person is this brand?

For example, in the past we worked with a winery. Their lead vino was an eccentric personality who loved classic rock, European sports cars and ranching. Putting those things together, we had a glass board of words like:

– Funny with an edge, think Formula 1 Race Car Driver

– Eccentric, Wild and unpredictable, but always pointed toward passion for the craft

– History buff, and we mean rare, strange history

– Classic rock, Deep Purple, European 70s jams, jamming at all times

– Deeply interested in taste and influences

Once we had these in place, it was much easier to put out content on a daily basis. We’d reach out for interesting historical facts about wine, or the latest super sports car in Europe for days when content was starting to run dry.

So, next time you find yourself staring at the words “Post here” with your fingers stuck hovering over the keyboard, work through the “Character Composite” of your brand. I promise you’ll find yourself not only with a bunch of great ideas, but you’ll have fun in the process.[/column]

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