Does Your Agency Make You Feel Like an SEO Expert?

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Does Your Agency Make You Feel Like an SEO Expert?

If You Don’t Feel Like a Subject Matter Expert When it Comes To Your SEO Strategies, Your Agency Might Be Letting You Down.

So, how’s it going with your SEO monthly reports?

If you’re an Expio Digital Marketing client and a subscriber to our SEO service, you know that our monthly reports are a huge part of our offerings.


Because we need to prove to you – every month – that we’re completing a valuable and worthwhile service for you. And we need to make sure you understand our actions and strategies backwards and forwards so you can explain them up your chain of command.

Expio SEO Services Include:

  1. A detailed report delivered to you monthly that includes:
    1. Recap of your marketing goals
    2. Highlights of the best successes for the month
    3. Top ranking keywords
    4. Breakdown of visits/traffic (source, mobile versus desktop, etc)
    5. Search visibility details
    6. Domain authority status
    7. Competitor analysis, including how you’re stacking up against your biggest rivals in keyword search, external links, domain authority and more
    8. Goal tracking
    9. Year-over-year reviews
  2. A one-on-one monthly meeting to discuss your SEO report. During this video call, we thoroughly break down your report, regularly making sure you truly understand the data you’re seeing.
  3. Regular emails throughout the month with SEO updates, such as interesting growth, new tactics and fresh strategies to keep our clients’ businesses at the top of search results.

If you’re not an Expio client, how do you feel about your SEO reports?

If you’re asking yourself, “What SEO reports?” or “They never make sense,” then you might not be getting the full benefits of true, white-hat SEO service.

At Expio, our SEO subscription is one of our most popular services because the proof is in the pudding. We show you what we’re doing, why, and how it’s helping your business. And we explain it all in a way that empowers you to be the SEO expert for your company.

When our clients tell us they discussed their SEO reports with their board of directors and/or CEO, we know we’ve done our jobs successfully.

Want to talk more about how an Expio SEO subscription can impact your business? Email me to start the conversation!

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