How Great Employees Move On

How Great Employees Move On

Thoughts on ending a business relationship with grace and professionalism.

By Andy Roller

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At the end of 2020, we lost one of our best at Expio – the ever enthusiastic and insightful Chief Content Officer Joshua Godsey. Josh took a leadership role at his local church. Though sad, we were proud and supportive of his decision. 

I realize it’s not often that a company puts a spotlight on losing someone, but in this case, I believe it’s important to recognize. 

Ending a Business Relationship On a Good Note

It’s been said that how a person leaves a relationship tells you volumes about their character. This idea is typically quoted when referring to personal relationships, and I think it also applies to business relationships.

Josh took the high road in his exit, creating and sticking to an exit strategy that ensured all team members were properly trained in the duties he left behind. Josh created training materials and spent hours and hours working one-on-one with teammates to impart his wisdom upon them. 

Josh thought of every Expio client as family, and he truly wanted them to continue receiving the highest level of service. So, he did what it took to make sure our excellent services would continue uninterrupted.

Those are the kinds of efforts that keep Josh in the Expio family forever. If he ever needed a spot on the Expio team, he’d always have it.

How to Leave a Job With Grace

When leaving a job on good terms, it’s a wonderful gift to give generous notice. 

Josh was kind enough to give Expio plenty of notice and work with us for a smooth transition. He diligently trained and worked with the rest of our team to make absolutely sure every one of our clients continued to receive the benefits, insights, reports and attention they deserve and have come to expect. 

A Fond Farewell to Josh

I hired Josh almost nine years ago when he was in his early 20s. When he started, he had almost no experience with SEO or digital marketing, but I believed he had great character, great writing skills, and a great capacity to learn and be coached. I’m wrong about people some of the time, but I wasn’t about Josh. He proved over and over again to be who I believed him to be. 

Josh was so fast at getting things done that I nicknamed him “Gunslinger” early on. This was also an affectionate reminder to slow down at times. His ability to learn, grow and handle feedback was and continued to be impressive. If I could bottle this attitude and sell it, I would.

We know Josh will do great things in his new role, and we hope that he stays in touch with his Expio family.

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