Market Leaders Using Third-Party Social Management

Market Leaders Using Third-Party Social Management

You have probably experienced a social media campaign from a large, easily-recognizable brand like Coca-Cola or Google. Naturally, it’s easy to assume these brands have more than enough funds to compensate the extreme expenses involved in creating complex and highly-produced campaigns.

The truth is, no matter how complex or produced the campaign is, the ultimate goal of marketing is to pay for itself in returns. Spending a large amount of money doesn’t necessariy guarantee a larger return. Large brands have a difficult time measuring the return on their marketing investment, just like any other brand. That’s why Taco Bell, General Electric, Google, Disney and T-Mobile have turned to third-party social media managing firms to help grow their online presence.

Wait… Did I just say Google hired a social media managing firm?

Yep, Google too. Hiring third party doesn’t mean you are inept or unable. It means you want depth in the social department.

Yes, despite their huge budgets, talented staff members, name recognition and market share, Google neede to hire another company to create strategies, manage content and provide detailed analytics concerning social media efforts. Why didn’t they hire in-house employees? Naturally, these gigantic companies have budgets to create new positions and hire talent that can keep them on the cusp of social media, right?

Not exactly.

What we’re seeing right now is that large brands see value in hiring out social media experts. They get more bang for the buck. They get fresh expertise, market analysis and much more. They naturally combat problems like knowing how to publish quality social content on a daily basis, portraying the correct identity as a brand going social, knowing how to choose which platforms are most important, how to measure returns from social media campaigns and other issues that cause problems for the slow-to-adapt corporate world.

This is good news for smaller brands. The social media world is as such that brands down the street like Joe’s Pizzeria can compete with far larger brands like Taco Bell concerning hiring expertise in the social media marketing world. Expio works everyday to stay on top of trends, new platforms, market data, application development, working with small to large brands along the way. We put our resources into finding empirical and practical strategies that can lead your company into ad campaigns that pay for themselves.

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