Video equipment in a pinch (Staff Post)

Video equipment in a pinch (Staff Post)

By Expio Editor Joshua Godsey

These days, smartphones’s can provide a small-budget campaign the perfect platform to get video uploaded fast and easily. But, when it comes to generating professional video on a budget, Lens Pro To Go has become our staff choice resource for lens and other video and photography equipment. We first found them while attending the highly-recommended Home-Skool from Shade Tree Films.

Lens Pro To GoLens Pro To Go offers a complete selection of every top DSLR Camera body or lens, on top of a ton of other great accessories, lighting and sound equipment and more – all for rent. For small to medium-sized marketing teams, purchasing a several thousand dollar lens isn’t practical. We rented, for example, the Canon 70-200 F/2.8L IS II Telephoto lens (retail value of $2,499.00) for two weeks for a total cost of $125.50. It was a great way to use an incredible lens at a reasonable price. And we had the lens long enough to get the value we wanted.


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