How To Attract Influencers, Not Freeloaders, In Facebook Contests

How To Attract Influencers, Not Freeloaders, In Facebook Contests

How to Ensure Your Facebook Contests Attract Genuine Fans

By  Published June 10, 2013, Social Media Examiner

#1: Award Appropriate Prizes

Don’t offer attractive prizes that have nothing to do with your brand.

#2: Choose Your Winners Wisely

Many contests use a system of votes (photo competitions) or point accumulations (quizzes) to identify finalists or winners. These methods animate your campaign, boost engagement and can increase the chances of the contest going viral. But they should never be the only methods used for choosing your winners.

#3: Enforce Identification Using a Facebook App

Some Facebook contests don’t require entrants to accept an app installation on their profile in order to participate. These competition providers feel the install request may reduce the number of participants.

#4: Enable Sharing Options With Care

Rewarding contestants who invite their friends to participate in your contest by entering them in a second random drawing can increase your campaign’s visibility.

#5: Identify and Ban Potential Cheaters

If you’ve meticulously followed the advice above, you’ve likely avoided creating a playground for cheaters and prize-hunters. But what about the clever few who slip through? You owe it to your genuine contestants to identify scammers.

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